Cricket is a team sport. Each team has 11 players. It can be played outdoor only during dry weather, even wet ground can ruin a cricket session.

We play a non-professional version of cricket. First of all it is much shorter than the conventional game. Secondly we play with a tape tennis ball. This ball is much lighter than the conventional hard cricket ball and as a result the batsman does not need any protective equipment. We do have all the necessary equipment to play.

All cricket lovers or interested people are welcomed to the cricket ground.


Training session will be on every Sunday from April to August.

Actual individual training session details are mentioned in the calendar (see the panel on the right side).

Location: Astro turf ground at Staedtische Sportanlage am Weinweg 
Address: Weinweg 32, 93049 Regensburg

Nearby bus stop: Regensburg Weinweg --> Bus 11 direction Wernerwerkstr


Parthiv Dharamshi
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Tel.: 017645339414

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